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The White Box announces the opening of two shows the night of Thursday, October 4, 2012.  6/ONE will feature the work of Karl Burkheimer, Josh Smith, Ben Ediger, Todd Isaacs, Dan Anderson, and Chris Held.  In the White Box’s Gray Box, an exhibition space dedicated to fully immersive digital media, film and video works, LIGHT BOX by Laura Hughes will premiere.  Both exhibits open and show concurrently at the White Box at the University of Oregon in Portland through November 21, 2012

Karl Burkheimer ● Josh Smith ● Ben Ediger ● Todd Isaacs ● Dan Anderson ● Chris Held

October 4, 2012 – November 21, 2012

Collaboration is often applauded for attributes of cooperation and consensus building, yet in practice teamwork can devolve into an irritant, challenging an individual’s creative voice through compromise, concession, and even capitulation. This project, 6/one, is structured to investigate the inherent complexity of six people uniting to create a whole, while maintaining their unique voice. No mission statement was written and no shared vision was developed; rather, six competent and confident makers/thinkers, innately familiar as well as trusting of each other’s practice and work, joined forces around the opportunity of utilizing White Box to demonstrate a shared interest regarding the conversion of materials into form and meaning—creating a whole from disparate parts.

The exhibition, 6/one, is not curated or designed. It strives to demonstrate the complexity of conversations, especially dynamic dialogs among six individuals with very unique views and goals. The differences are a strength; all six individuals respect, appreciate, and rely on one another to work towards an effective exhibition of complicated ideas. The individual objects and images created for the exhibition establish clear associations while obfuscating others, buffeting against one another and perpetuating changing alliances. 6/one is a brief incarnation of a continual dialog with little regard to stasis through static conversations or objects.